Today's business owner is faced with more marketing options than ever before. With the advancement in technology, you have the ability to reach customers through many channels, including digital and print. Reach them in their home, office or on the go. As a result, your customers have developed communication preferences.

You need to communicate with your customers in the most effective manner. iCreate is an easy-to-use, affordable tool that provides the options your business needs. Communicate with existing customers or target new. Choose the tools that fit your business needs.
In addition to the products, iCreate allows you to upload customer lists, create distribution lists, validate addresses, map customer locations, schedule new campaigns and review past promotions. Our custom Ad Builder allows you to build, save and edit media. Use our images or upload your own. The drag and drop functionality makes creating your products easy and fun.

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To provide innovative solutions that enable clients to communicate with current and potential customers through affordable, automated technology, while reinforcing our clients' brand integrity.



Monitor current and trending communication channels for user viability. Review existing and potential options with system users. All system applications must be easy to understand and user friendly.

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Customer service and business
integrity still matter.